Tuesday 8 March 2016

Bringing the Teddy Bears Hospital to Beavers

With 2 boys of my own (1 a Beaver and 1 in training) I have spent more than my fair share of time at the Sheffield Children's Hospital in the last 2 years.  From X-rays to bandages my boys haven't been scared at all, and I really do think the Teddy Bears Hospital (TBH) has had something to do with this.

2 years ago I took them along to Western Park Museum where the Teddy Bears Hospital was being held the boys loved it and came away knowing so much more about what they could expect from a trip to the hospital.    When I was told that the students wanted to branch out to Youth Groups I couldn't get the contact details fast enough to invite Jess, Ally and the rest of the team along to one of our nights for the introduction of our Emergency Aid badge.

The TBH is a free not for profit organisation run by Medical Student volunteers from the University of Sheffield. They are a public health project aimed at children between the ages of 3 and 8 years old, but welcome children of any age to their events and can tailor their events to fit your group.  Their aim is to reduce the anxiety that young children may feel when seeing doctors or other health professionals, or going to the hospital, it also gives the students hands on valuable experience with Children. I think after meeting our 25 eager Beavers a couple may be considering a different career :)

The students ran the entire session for us from the planning to the preparation, risk assessments, setting up to the clearing up, it was a dream night for the Adult Beaver Leaders.

The session was planned for 50 minutes to accommodate our hour meeting slot.  Each volunteer was assigned 2-3 children and worked with them around the circuit of tables.   Each group started on a different station and moved round.


1. ‘GP station’ – The TBH had brought stethoscopes with them and showed the children how to use them to listen to teddies heart. They also had scales to weigh teddies and blow up BP cuffs.

2. Anatomy – Using an anatomy tabard. Children took turns to try and correctly place organs. The volunteers discussed each organ’s function as they went along.

3. Radiology – Teddy is placed in the purpose built MRI scanner. Volunteers showed the children different x-rays and they had to work out which part of the body it is.

4. Bandaging – Children practised bandaging teddy and learnt the importance of pressure and elevation.

5. Healthy eating – Children had to sort foods into different food groups (meat, dairy, carbs, fruit and veg etc).  They had to select foods for a healthy balanced meal

6. 999 call – Children were shown pictures of different scenarios, ask them who should they call, what should they say and the importance of getting help.

7. Dressing up – The children were given a selection of dressing up clothes and encouraged to try different outfits.

8. Bathroom cabinet – The children were given a variety of bathroom items which they discussed and sorted into safe and unsafe.

For more information or to book your event check out the Teddy Bear Hospital's:

Twitter Feed: @TBHSheffield

We're already planning when to invite them back next year!

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