Sunday, 27 December 2015

The Big Beaver (Scouts) Postcard Swap - part 2

A month ago I wrote about finding some swaps for our Beaver Postcard Swap to mark 30 years of Beavers being recognised in Scouting. &nbsp;You can find it <a href="">here</a>. As part of this I mentioned that Stress Free Printing were doing us a huge favour and printing our postcards free of charge, as a charity (not many people know that) this meant a lot to us as stamps alone will be setting us back a few quid (around £20 by my estimate as some are going overseas).

The Big Beaver (Scouts) Postcard Swap

2016 sees Beaver (Scouts) 30th anniversary - 30 years of being recognised as an official Scouting unit, they have in reality been running a lot longer then that.

To celebrate the Scouting movement &nbsp;is doing .... nothing. So a group of leaders called the 1st Facebook Beaver Colony have arranged a postcard swap. The leaders have, between them, messaged 30 other colony leaders within the group who they will send a postcard too, getting one back in return.